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Why Bitcoin Casinos Are Better Than Regular Ones

The debate on Bitcoin started a few years ago and it seems to be reaching no conclusive ending. It has slowly undergone from discussions on the impact on transactional systems to other fields, such as the financial and banking system, or the retail consumer market, all the way to the gambling industry. After finding out how Bitcoin casinos work, every online gambling enthusiast can decide whether it’s a good fit for them or not. In any case, the concept of Bitcoin is here to stay for a long time and the advantages the technology behind it brings along can’t be denied.

Save on Costs and Time

Closely related to the security issue detailed before, a casino that allows Bitcoin wagers is a more reliable casino operator, trying to stay in touch with the customers’ needs and requests. Thus, saving the time wasted for finding the appropriate casino to play at, is a plus. Following this idea, check this site if you just want to play for real money and save time with additional searches. Time can also be saved on account of the deposit and withdrawals of Bitcoins are finalized instantly.


On the pecuniary aspect, betting with Bitcoin means fewer fees, as no financial institution is involved in intermediating the business. Also, for now, Bitcoin isn’t subject to taxation, so it can help in saving from money from not paying these contributions.

Better Privacy and Security

The never-ending issue surrounding online casinos is the lengths they need to go to in order to ensure a trustworthy environment for potential customers. On the gamblers’ side of the story, it’s not easy handling your personal and financial information, alongside your money, to the unknown entity that is the casino’s operator.


Bitcoin, through the blockchain technology it’s based on, overpasses this concern and creates the privacy needed for both parts of the transaction. There is no more middle-man to intermediate the financial transactions, and so, no personal or financial information is passed from customer to bank and further along to the online casino.

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Better Accessibility

Bitcoin offers access and allows transactions from all over the world. It hasn’t been nominated as any country’s official currency and at this time, it doesn’t fall under no one’s regulations. Therefore, it can’t bear any of the official restrictions that lawmakers usually impose.


The best example that can be made is that of common transactions using bank cards. Most banks have a biased opinion against gambling, in general. Therefore, there were many occasions when they delayed transactions or even canceled them altogether. Using Bitcoin means no more banks being involved in the money transfers and so, putting an end to those awkward situations of no-payment.

Rising Bitcoin industry holds

As stated, the concept has grown strong roots and is bound to increase in importance over time. To have a greater grasp of what Bitcoin means, there are many auxiliary materials that can be studied, on paper or format.

The value of Bitcoin has reached its peak at a bit lower than 20000 USD and although it greatly varies at this moment, once it’ll stabilize and more ways to implement it in our daily lives are going to be found, there remains no limit to where it can go. A final nod to all the other cryptocurrencies existing out there, as although Bitcoin is the standard-bearer, there are many others worth examining and making use of.



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